Fun with fibromyalgia

Decided to push myself as housework really needed doing this morning. Before I started, I thought I’d do poo patrol in the garden (dogs). Whilst picking up what looked like a weeks worth (although my 3 teenage children swear to me they’ve picked it all up!!), I hurt my back bending over. Then the puppy ran into my wrist!

I decided to clean the front door whilst dogs were still playing in garden, then dogs run into house leaving a trail of mud (and other stuff no doubt), (sigh), so then put dogs into toilet sink to wash dirt off, water splashes everywhere (not too bothered as it will help with cleaning floor). Let dogs down, clean floor as dogs run round house barking and bashing into furniture.

Energy zapped, burst into tears, shouting at dogs that it’s all their fault (pointless)!!

Now sitting on sofa, housework looking at me undone, hardly enough energy to type this.

Daily routine never established, constant feeling of failure.

Rant over X


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