How to avoid the plethora of incorrect information from posts and media


I have just watched the most awful programme claiming that clean eating is bad for you and suggesting that becoming a nutritionist is a waste of money and dangerous to your clients!!  This has led me to think about a lot of information available for us to digest, which is incredibly wrong and potentially unhealthy, and I want to share my knowledge on how to tell if information is correct and/or valuable.

The awful tv show

Watching this show, I noticed that it interviewed and showed what some might say are the extremists of clean eating;  the alkaline diet, the no meat or dairy, the high carb or carb cleanse, and they were all critiqued by a dietitian, who did not rate nutritionists at all.

I then found them criticising wellness plans, suggesting that they are making money from this industry.

Ahem, what the heck are all the other diet plans, gyms and DVDs doing?  Good grief, I’m steaming angry with this ‘tailored to suit a negative view’ programme!

i am not saying that everything that was said is false, but they really took the extremes apart to make it sound bad.

what is wrong with eating healthy fruit and vegetables, organic meat, fish, eggs and whole grains?  This is how everyone used to eat before additives, preservatives and sweeteners were created in laboratories and before all the goodness from grains was taken out and before pastorisation of milk (again, created in a laboratory )!!!

The clean eating plan

The idea of clean eating is to eat organic wholesome foods which are as natural as possible and therefore as healthy as possible.  Additives and preservatives etc are chemically made and research has shown that some are definitely unhealty and lead to diseases.  Modern diseases and illnesses have increased greatly in recent decades, alongside the introduction to fast food, additives and preservatives, enumbers.  And whilst not everyone is affected by these, a lot of people are walking around the planet with food allergies that they are unaware of, slowly making them ill; and some people are developing other food allergies which are severe i.e gluten, dairy.  There has to be a connection – doesn’t there?

If you are unsure of any information given regarding food and health, look into research given on this subject, look at the references on the post, if there are none, it could be that it is just someones opinion, if it states the research project, look at it, read it and make sure the findings are what is suggested by the post.  It can be difficult to interpret research findings, so I’m going to post soon on the best ways to read research.

Obesity levels have soared since the introduction of fast food and food made up of additives and preservatives.  Is no one else seeing  this connection?.

I am going to start looking into research projects for the above and I’ll post my findings – stay tuned guys and please, if you have good research findings, share them.

Clean-Eating 2



    • Thank you, I don’t feel as though I have totally answered the title, but hopefully, people will see that I am going to be looking into it, making it easy for people to distinguish between the good info and the bad. xx

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