10 things that makes me happy


  1. Singing  I adore singing, it is definitely my favourite thing to do that makes me feel happy and good about myself.  However, it does have to be songs that I know I can sing well, or just songs that I really rock out to (in private or in a really noisy club).
  2. Dogs  My two babies, who, if I didn’t have, would make my life a whole lot less worthwhile.  I love how they make me laugh, they love me and love me cuddling them.  On a side note, I do not enjoy the barking, poop and lack of room in the bed.
  3. Lord of the rings  I adore Tolkien and when reading his books or watching Peter Jacksons epic trilogy, I lose myself in Middle Earth and for the entire duration, Im there.  I wish I could live there, Id live in Lothlorien, its so beautiful.
  4. When my family and special friends tell me they love me  There is something so special when people who I love, tell me they love me.
  5. New Zealand  I went there as part of my midwifery course and instantly fell in love with the country, the people, the food, the lifestyle and most of all, the landscape.  I have never felt so happy as i did when i was there and I have made some beautiful friends there.  I just hope I get to go again, I miss it every day.
  6. Summer Holidays  There is something so special about going on holiday with family and or friends in a hot sunny climate and by the sea and a pool.  I am so happy lying in the sun and going for a swim when I get too hot, reading a book and eating the local cuisine.  As a family, we always immerse ourselves into the local culture and we really get a sense of the life in that country.
  7. Musical Theatre  I only discovered my passion for this 3 years ago and I never want to not be a part of it, being amongst like minded people, singing, acting, dancing and now directing, choreographing, designing sets, props and costumes.  I adore every part of this.
  8. My arts and crafts  Ive always been artistic, but since becoming disabled, Ive discovered more talents than I ever could imaging, I make amigurumi (crocheted baby toys), felt brooches, jewellery and mobiles and I feel so accomplished when Ive done them.
  9. Dancing  Not just musical theatre dancing, but nightclub dancing, I could dance all night and indeed I used to before my illnesses stopped me.
  10. Joking around with my friends and family  I love humour and love making fun of my family and closest friends and have them make fun of me, we really have a wonderful time when we are all together laughing.

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