My top 3 pet peeves

Confession, I’ve got to be careful on this as once I start, I may well climb up on my soap box and rant!!

I do have peeves and I need to learn to let them go, but how difficult is that!

  1. Rude people – OMG!  How difficult is it to use manners? Does it use up extra brain cells?  The answers to the above are ; it isnt difficult at all, just takes practise!  No, even those neanderthals with only 3 brain cells could do it!  Please; thank you; opening the door for others, letting elders, pregnant women and people less able than you have your seat (not your driving seat – that would be silly).  These little acts take up so little and yet mean so much to people.
  2. Lying – what is the point?  It causes upset and mistrust to others and guilt and shame to yourself.  Why waste energy elaborating stories that will inevitably be found out on lying and instead, tell the truth, take whats coming to you from it and learn from it so that you won’t feel the need to lie or act in a way that makes you feel as though you need to lie.  I feel totally betrayed when I find out that people have lied to me and it kills my already fragile trust in them.
  3. False people – AAAAARRRRRGGGHH, they are the most irritating, why be false?  If you don’t like yourself, change until you do, rather than pretend to be something you are not.  If you don’t like someone else or something that has been done or said, say so rather than being two faced about it.  Yes it can be uncomfortable saying the truth about stuff, but you dont have to say it in an aggressive or negative way, in fact you can both gain so much more if you are able to talk freely about stuff, again, like lying, you wont have guilt, shame, or anger and frustration any where near the levels you do when you are false.  Honesty is beauty, be humble, be vunerable, be human x


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