My go to inspiration



This is my longest best friend, Kellie.  We have been friends for over 20 years and I love her like a sister.

We have been through many trials and tribulations together and we have shared wonderful times and holidays together too.

Kellie inspires me in many ways, she is a wonderful friend, a patient mother to 3 boys, a loving wife, a hard working teaching assistant, and a selfless family member.

I do not know how she is able to keep such a clean and beautiful house whilst all her activity is focused on others.

She regularly hosts meals with friends and fun evenings out, she helps with her sons’ school fundraising and social activities, bakes cakes regularly for bake sales etc, cares for everyone she knows, be it family, friends or neighbours.

This might not seem so unique, however, she does all this with a smile on her face and a calm pose and voice.  You would never know if she was upset or angry by looking and talking to her unless she let you know.

This is the main reason for inspiration from her as I am to emotionally visible, I can’t hide what im feeling, I definitely couldnt do all the activity (not just because of my disability) she does without having a meltdown at some point!

I look to her and try to think ‘what would Kellie do’ in some situations, I occasionally succeed, I mainly don’t but I never feel jealousy or envy as I know I am just not made that way.  But, I do admire her stupendously and if I ever wanted to be like someone else – it would be her.

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