5 places I’d love to visit


  1. The Golden temple of Amritsar


It looks so beautiful and there is something so alluring about it, that I have wanted to see it for many years.

2. Yoyogi Park, Tokyo


There are many parks in Tokyo, but Yoyogi Park on a Sunday is a different place altogether.  Families come together to picnic and play and live bands are permitted to play outdoors here.  I love walking through parks and I love live music (although I don’t like paying a lot of money to do so) and this is the perfect blend. I’d love to see it and experience it.

3. Venice Beach, Los Angeles


I find this a strange one, as I don’t want to go to L.A.  I flew in and out of it on my way to New Zealand once and it just reminded me of how insignificant we all really are.  However, there is something about Venice Beach, the gym, the painted buildings, the fact it is featured in so many tv shows and films.  I would just really like to see it, it looks fascinating.

4. Monet’s garden, Giverny, France


He is my favourite artist and France is my second favourite country closely beaten by New Zealand.  This garden is so beautiful and it looks so calming and peaceful, I would love to spend time looking around the gardens and taking it all in.

5. Machu Pichu, Peru


This 15th Century dry stone citadel is situated remotely on the top of a mountain in the Andes.  No one really knows what it was intitially built for and I think it is that mystery and the almost impossible journey to get there is what really makes this a desirable place to visit.  Unless I become miraculously cured, however, it will only ever be a desire and a fantasy as I dont have the stamina, strength or energy to make this trip.

There you go, my 5 top places to visit, not necessarily in order and there are more Id love to see, but these came to me first when I started to think on the challenge.

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