what I’m currently listening to

This list will change regularly


  1.  Little one come hither – this is from the musical theatre show, Just So, which I am currently directing and this song is in the scene I’m working on today so I’m listening to this and I love it.  It reminds me of ‘Trust in me’ from The Jungle Book.
  2. Every time we say goodbye – particularly the Ella Fitzgerald version.  I sang it for an audition at the weekend (which I succeeded in) and it’s one that I adore listening to as well as singing.
  3. Brown eyed girl by Van Morrison.  I created a playlist of songs to listen to when my depression is playing up, to cheer me up this one has never failed and it isn’t the words, it’s the tune!
  4. Mack the knife by Bobby Darin.  This is my all time favourite song again because of the tune and style of singing and it’s on all my playlists.
  5. Tom Hark by The Piranhas. I first heard it as a kid and it has just stayed with me, not only the tune, but I also love the lyrics.
  6. Just So – from the musical
  7. Pick up Your Hooves and Trot- from Just So
  8. We Want to take the ladies out – from Just So
  9. Dont stop believing by Journey, I’m performing in Game of Thrines, a panto of ice and fire for comic relief and this tune with cleverly adapted lyrics is great
  10. All that Jazz from Chicago – why not?

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