What if …….


In 1993, I was living in London, working as a nanny/ maternity nurse.  I had taken advantage of where I was and was receiving singing lessons, had joined a rhythm and blues band and had recorded a single and had it played on local radio.

My singing teacher had suggested joining the chorus of a west end show as he thought this was possibly my future. So, I prepared myself and found a show (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) which I would love to be a part of.  All I had to do was to get a portfolio with stage pictures and I made an appointment for that to happen on a Tuesday, so that I could audition the following week or so (can’t remember exact date).

I decided to go home the weekend before, which I did and met a guy whom I fell for and who turned out to be the most toxic of people.  He persuaded me to stay at home for longer and so I missed my appointment, which then led to me cancelling my audition and eventually leaving London to be with him.

Now, obviously, since leaving him, I’ve met and married and had my beautiful family. However, I do still think (albeit occasionally), what if I’d kept that appointment and turned up to that audition?


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