My top 5 films


  1.  The lord of the rings – The fellowship of the ring.  Wow how much do I love this film?!  I watch this and immediately, I am transported into middle earth and I want to stay there!  I’ve put this first as I love the opening scenes of hobbiton and the colour green that brings it to life and also because it takes me to Lothlorien, where I’d live if given the opportunity.
  2.  The lord of the rings – The return of the king.  This may sound a bit bizarre, but I love this for the mouth of Sauron.  The imagination of this creature is incredible. I also love that Eowyn kills the witch king as she ‘is no man’!
  3.  The lord of the rings – The two towers.  I love this for treebeard, but I wish there could be more from the book with his character.
  4.  The sound of music.  Takes me back to my childhood, I love this film so much.  I love the songs, the story, the fact that is is based on a real life story and it is beautiful.
  5.  The green mile. It is just one of those films that I can’t stop watching.  The cruelty, the gentleness and the range of emotions that it brings, leads me to count this in my top 5.

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