A day in the life of ……


I’m supposed to be journalling my mood, thoughts, food, activity and pain levels every day so that I can look to see if there is a connection between any of them, but as memory problems are part of one of my illnesses, I regularly forget.

However, I remembered today and thought I’d share it with you.

5.45 – woken by husbands alarm as he is needing to leave early for work.

6.20 – woken again by the dogs after having an awful nights sleep from pain thanks to a flare.

6.30 – usual routine; coffee, check emails and social media updates.

7 – middle child woken to get ready for school (youngest not going in til later – whole other story, which I’m not ready to share yet). Dogs fed.

8.15 – take middle child to school

8.45 – breakfast & plan the day

9.00 – wake youngest child

9.30 – wake eldest so that he can watch dogs.

9.45 – take youngest to appointment then school

11.00 – home, start making crowns for Game of Thrones panto

11.45 – lunch

12.45 – drive to appointment

2.30 – lie down to rest as pain is at a level 6-7

3.30 – unable to sleep as pain is now level 8, TENS machine commenced

5.00 – TENS barely effective, unable to cook dinner, TENS continues

6.45 – drive to Game of thrones rehearsal

9.45 – finish rehearsal, pain reduced to a level 4-5 with distraction and TENS as well as meds.

11.30 – bed

I probably did other stuff, but not worth documenting.  This was an extremely busy day for me.


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