My new leaf has been turned

Finally decided to stop letting my illnesses, stresses and out of my control worries run my life!

So I’m putting effort into what I enjoy doing and what I’m good at. With a friend, we’ve opened an online (for now) Boutique selling artisan jewellery and handmade gifts. I would like to think we can get to a stage where we make more than we spend and I can tell the government what they can do with the pittance of a disability benefit I get, that is supposed to replace my earnings from when I worked (HAHAHAHA – NOT!!).

Anyway, I’m tired of feeling worthless and pointless and sick of feeling jealous and grief when looking at my midwife colleagues lives in photos. I have some amazing friends, I am very lucky to have some skills in the arts and so I’m putting them to use, when I can.

I still have days where pain and exhaustion disable me from doing these, but I’m accepting these days and not letting them influence my mindset on the Boutique. I do what I can do, when I can do it, goodness knows if it was a paid job, I’d have been sacked on the first day due to minimal productivity for the time used.

So, I’d like to present to you, our Boutique, please drop by and have a look at what we do. Also please let me know suggestions of things you’d like to see or what you think would be popular. Thank you

We are on Etsy under BirdysboutiqueGB, on Instagram under birdysboutique2017, on Twitter under @Birdys_Boutique and on Facebook as Birdy’s Boutique

Loves xxxx


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