10 things you didn’t know about me


1. I was born on the last day of the Woodstock Festival (although not at the festival itself)

2. My favourite colour is lilac/lavender shades

3. I feel most like I’m at home when in New Zealand

4. As a child I was told that you fart if you wear green knickers and to this day, I still can’t wear them!

5. I once fell off a cliff and landed on the only flat rock!  I still have a large dent in my hip from it.

6. My earliest memory is from the age of 2, being in Canada, at a relatives house and I can still navigate around it although I’ve never been back.

7. I can vibrate/ shake my eyeballs

8. Even though I’ve worked as a midwife, I feel nauseous with all body fluids/secretions other than blood.

9. I have sang since I was a child and have been in a number of bands/choirs, have made a single and had it played on radio

10. Once, whilst on a trip to USA, I had an anaphalactic shock to the number of cats in the property I was staying in and had to have adrenaline to help me breathe

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