Never too old to learn something new

Sick of feeling guilty about being unable to walk dogs (they pull, I’m broken), so bought 2 new harnesses which dramatically reduce the amount of pulling and as part of my fabulous weight loss, I want to start exercising again, to improve my health/reduce symptoms.

I’ve been feeling more energetic this week (vitamin d supplements working?), so decided I would take them down to Blists Hill museum as it’s only a 5-10 minute walk away.

Going there was great, dogs not pulling, so back not having spasms, got down to the field, let them off for a run – all great 😎

Decided not to go any further as it’s a 45* incline all the way home.

OMG I needed an O2 mask and leg splints up that incline, especially as the dogs weren’t pulling me up it!!

1. Taking it slowly from now on

2. Vitamin D intake – tick

3 May be lying down for the rest of today!!!!

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