New Idea, what do you think?

After TikTok permanently banned my 13,000 follower account unfairly (kids mucking about i think), I started another account and for a while I was still mad about having my account banned.  I would write emails to as many people and addresses I could find who were associated with it, I would message them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and even Linkedin, claiming their mistake and asking for my account back.

I then started to notice something new was happening, maybe it was the lockdown and it had encouraged more people who wouldn’t have normally downloaded the app to try it, or maybe it was my content, but my followers grew quite quickly, but more than that, my likes went through the roof!  By the time I got to 2,000 followers, I had 50,000 likes!  I was astounded as my old account had 70+000 at 13,000 followers.

I looked into it a little more and I noticed that comments were beautiful and so encouraging and when I finally went live again (terrified of losing my account again), the people who came on to chat who were followers, were beautiful, so kind and we started having some lovely conversations.  I’ve even become a TikTok mum to a few.

This encouraged me to continue and produce as good a quality video as I could with my abilities and they were rewarded.  I then decided to do a Q & A video which received fabulous feedback and whats more, for every question I received, I did a video answer and the response to this was amazing.  I was seeing something I had never seen with my old account.

So, I started looking into types of TikToks I could do that people would find interesting and as I am deeply passionate about being proud to be English, I thought about topics I could do that encourages others to start being proud too, not forgetting all the shameful things our ancestors did, but to find other facts that we can be proud of.

Ive looked into the best way to deliver TikToks to get quality viewing and more likes etc and it would seem that I have found a format that works for me, I post 4 times a day currently, but I may increase that; around 0730, 1130, 1500 and 1830 and I post a Q&A video, a comedy sketch, an old video or duet and a ‘did you know’ video.

I’ve also been approved to be an influencer, so companies have the ability to approach me to advertise their products and there is a current auction to win a 30 minute Zoom call 1-1 with me on a site called  The highest bidder wins and 100% of the proceeds will be going to my musical theatre company who’ve not made any money this year due to lockdown.

My question is this, do I continue to keep letting Tiktok know that they made a mistake in banning my account (im very stubborn) and they should reinstate it, or should I just let it go and enjoy my wonderful new account?


  1. Thats interesting, I’ve never been on tiktok and have only seen half-dressed dancers linked on Instagram. It sounds like the new ‘you’ is bringing value, keep going I say!

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