2020 out, 2021 in and welcome!

Happy New Year everyone.

I don’t normally go in for New Year festivities and I didn’t celebrate last night. I did, however, see out last year and welcome in 2021.

Last year taught me a lot about myself and reminded me to appreciate everything and everyone that I have in my life.

I went sugar free in November for Alzheimer’s Society and I learnt about how nasty sugar is on humans and how many illnesses and symptoms are affected by it. I’m going sugar free again as from today and I’m hoping that it will be a permanent way of life for me.

I loved having my family working from home and dread the day that they go back to the office. I absolutely adore my family I’m so proud of my children and how they are coping with the challenges of Covid-19 and whilst we have our moments, having them near me makes me truly grateful for them being in my life. I miss my parents so much and also my brother and his family and I can’t wait to see them again (soon hopefully).

I also realised that I have to have ‘me alone’ time, possibly for my ever increasing anxiety or possibly from having everyone at home, but I do enjoy the little haven of my bedroom and being there helps me to relax more.

I joined the MVP (maternity voices partnership) as vice chair at the beginning of the year and I’ve relished being back in the throes of maternity. Knowing I’ll never be a midwife again really crushed me, so this is my way of being involved in the care of women, their babies and their families. It also means I get to see some of my fabulous colleagues whom I miss working with so much!

Finally, I’ve rejoined Promote (the singing group from Tadlop (Telford and District light operatic players) who sing in public promoting current productions). Singing has always been my passion and I’ve missed performing this year as well as being with my fabulous musical theatre company friends. Singing again feels really good even if I absolutely hate listening and watching myself 😱.

So, 2021, I’m convinced will be similar to last year with social distancing and lockdowns until we are all vaccinated (which will take up until al least autumn I think), but I’m ready for it and have my projects to keep me focused and sane (well …).

Stay safe everyone, I cherish each and every one of you and hope we can all be here in a (hopefully) more normal life, this time next year.

Much love


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