is ‘Raised by Wolves’ a howler?

Released on 3 September 2020, Raised by Wolves is a Sci Fi tv series created by Aaron Guzikowski and Directed by Ridley Scott.

The story begins with 2 androids carrying 12 frozen embryos and landing on a new planet – Kepler-22b. They are programmed to recreate human life after a war between two factions (a religious group known as the Mithraic and the atheists) led to the destruction of the planet earth, and the story follows the trials and tribulations that they encounter. following the destruction of planet earth following a war between a religious group – Mithraic – and atheists and it shows the trials and tribulations that they encounter. It also follows a group of Mithraic who escape earth on a ship called ‘the ark’, receive a signal from one of the androids and then journals how the two groups interact.

The series was filmed in both the Western Cape and Cape Town, South Africa, giving the feel of a desert type planet and encourages questioning how humans can survive there.

The opening sequence (when the spaceship arrives at Kepler-22b) shares some of the same aerial footage as Prometheus (when ship arrives at LV-223), also directed by Ridley Scott. Scott had previously been recorded as stating he wouldn’t direct TV again, however after making countless tv advertisements during lockdown, he has returned to direct and produce once again.

It is popular belief that the story has details which are based on the ancient culture of Persia. The Mithraic religion worship Sol – the god of light.

In the Persian Culture, the Gods ‘Mitra’ and ‘Sol’ were worshipped and this was common amongst Roman Soldiers and the combination of beliefs was known as Sol Invictus – the conquering sun.

The story took a while to get going, although easy to follow. Good scenes showing androids becoming aware and having emotions despite popular belief that they are only useful as subservient beings There were some details that questioned believability and there were some details that left the viewer confused. This didn’t improve; I hungrily watched waiting for a climatic situation where all would make sense, but it didn’t arrive.

Overall, the story had great promise and exciting ideas, but never developed them or delivered them coherently. The last development in this series let the show down and could easily put viewers off wanting to see the next series and how the story develops.

Travis Fimmel heads the cast in this show. Stating he would never do tv again, he couldn’t resist Ridley Scott. A great character with a back story that you want to know more about, Fimmel plays this role well. Amanda Collin plays mother android and gives an excellent performance, with scenes that make you gasp and others where you sympathise with the character.

Other cast performances played well, but the script let the show down and could have given so much more to the characters and their storylines. Hopefully series 2 will deliver and will leave us with more answers than questions as with this series.

The series has great potential and there are some really exciting ideas, but they just haven’t been explored enough, maybe in the next series, more will be revealed. It could, however be too little too late for some and just not enough to keep viewers interested. I for one, will be watching again optimistically hoping that some ‘dots will be joined’.

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