The incidental actions that can affect your mental health

Wow! Why is that on some days, certain things happening would have little effect on your mental health, but on others, it can cripple you?

Here’s my example. I have decided not to perform in my Musical Theatre company’s latest production. I just needed a break from putting the stress onto myself and I haven’t regretted it.

My best friend has been away and has gone with some other friends. I always feel a bit left out when things like this happen, but am very aware that we couldn’t have done it anyway so I try not to feel left out.

I’m in a flare which can affect my mood, but I have rested and self-cared which normally helps

I’ve had my covid and flu booster jabs which can make me feel a bit off but usually not too bad.

Now put all of these together and my MH is in my boots. Even though I can be totally rational about it all, it has all just built up and become too much to deal with and I just want to curl up and … (I won’t, but it doesn’t stop the thoughts invading)

Just had to write this down and see if it help my x


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