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My name is Rachel, I’m married and have 3 children and a dog.  I love singing, dancing and acting and have recently taught myself to crochet.   Are you bored yet? Yes? Well, get this,

I’m FAT, in my FORTIES, I am a total FOODIE and last year I was diagnosed with a number of illnesses and syndromes including FIBROMYALGIA. Serves me right I hear some of you say and you are totally right!!

All my life I’ve been lazy, hating exercise, hating salad etc, putting off anything that might stop me from enjoying the moment! It is only now, after trying (half heartedly) a number of times to do something about it and ultimately failing, and from researching my illnesses, cause, management and effect, that I feel the need to write about my F words.

Please don’t misunderstand me, this is not a self pitying blog, looking for people to feel sorry for me, I have felt sorry enough for myself over the past year. No, this, I hope, is a way for me to document my journey back to health (as much as possible), to discover a way that suits me in losing weight and ultimately, to discover and provide information to whoever wants it, preventing others from getting into the same poopy state I found myself in last year!


  1. I love that you are looking for your own solutions, while opening the door to others who want to learn and grow alongside you. You seem humble (and ready this time) in your efforts to make change happen. A blog is so much better than a journal or diary. It allows you to see and share your thoughts. I wish you the highest and best!

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    • Thank you, I am finding by writing a blog, I am able to say more about how I feel than I would in a diary. I think if I were to write a diary, I would want to hide how I feel as I’d see it as self loathing and accelerate negativity. However, writing a blog, I have to be as honest as I can to explain my research to others and by being ‘naked’, I hope to reach and help others who are feeling like me. Your feedback is a wonderful reassurance that I’m doing just that. X

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