Counting my blessings

I thought I’d share what I count as blessings in my life and on bad days, when I can see no point in life, these are what gets me through to the next day.

1. My family – yes it’s a cliche and expected and twee, but it’s true.  For all the stress, frustration, anger and tears that we have, they bring me hope, joy, laughter, love and most importantly, they love me for being me.

2. My dogs, since becoming ill, especially, they keep me going at home and, like my family, bring me love, joy, laughter and a sense of parenting babies (which I adore).

3. My voice, I love singing and I love that I have a good singing voice, it brings me joy to entertain others.

4. Arts and Crafts.  I’m so glad that I have some talent in this area and whatever I turn to, I seem to be successful at, I love creating as again, I love to make others happy.

5. My friends.  My real friends, who listen and care when I’m feeling ill, crappy or sad and who make me laugh and who laugh at and with me.  Who text me when they haven’t seen me for a while and whose lives and families  I feel part of.


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