And now it’s May already!

Can you believe it?  Im not sure I can, it’s not as if we have all been focussed on something else going on is it?


Well, fortunately, my family are all well at the time of writing this and I do not personally know anyone who has passed from the illness and only a few who have contracted the illness to date.


I have been fortunate enough to be able to carry on creating my funny videos on the social media platform, TikTok and I decided to copy and paste them to Facebook so that all my beautiful maternity colleagues could see them and lift their moods, this way i felt i was helping in my own way.  I have received many comments to confirm that they are having the desired effect.


Then – BOOM, last week, whilst having a nice chilled conversation with some of my followers on TikTok during a live session, my account was permanently banned for apparent multiple violations of their community guidelines.  I was completely shocked to the core and had to investigate immediately.  Upon doing so, i couldnt really find anything that was that obvious, the only thing that i thought might have happened is while my followers were discussing strange things that they had eaten, i mentioned that my daughter had once drank bleach, in a throw away comment (and because we had discussed bullying the day before) i said it was when she had attempted suicide.  Now, Im thinking that this was seen as encouraging dangerous behaviour, which it most definitely wasnt.


Im devastated to say the least, being stuck at home due to my disability and not being able to do my musical theatre because of quarantine, TikTok was the one outlet I had that I looked forward to doing and enjoyed immensely.  Ive created a second account but it means starting all over again and its just so demoralising.


Im emailing whoever I can that may help me get my account back, but Ive no idea if it will help.


Anyway, this is all ive got to say on this for now

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