I am a lion, hear me ROAR!




As a teenage girl, my friends and I regularly read our horoscopes and rather than review whether it fit who we were, we would ‘make it fit’.  We would pick out all the generic personality traits and, of course, believed that they applied to us because of our birth date and disregard anything that didn’t fit.

We would also look at which zodiac sign was the most suitable as a partner and get excited when we read that ‘ love was just around the corner’ as well as ‘come into money’ and other sorts of possible coincidentals.

This being said, however, I did love being centre of attention and loved being dramatic and creative and I am, and have always been an honest person and detest dishonesty of any kind.

I look at myself now and doubt that horoscopes can apply to life as one gets older.  How can it? We all live different lives, have different trials and tribulations and come out of situations in very different ways, leading to ‘baggage’.  My ‘baggage’ has led me to avoid social situations like the plague!

I think that as humans, those that look at horoscopes are searching for something and as horoscopes are so generic and can be applied to anyone, they can be believed by this type of person.  But this person, is no longer me.




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